Sciences at UCLA

Annual report design & art direction. Designed/created illustrations and infographics

The challenge here was to find a visual approach that worked simultaneously for both scientific experts and the general public. We had to avoid either irritating the professionals with “dumbed-down” simplifications or bewildering lay readers with dense text. We worked hard to find the right balance of meaningful infographics, illustrations, and photographs to enable the annual report to communicate effectively to both audiences.

These commissions required building a bridge between hard science and visual art. How to suggest rigor and professionalism while also celebrating people? We tried to balance the text with rich colors and engaging photographs.

UCLA Pathology Annual Report

2014 Annual Report cover. Illustration by Dung Hoang.

2016 Annual Report cover. Illustration by Andy Potts.

2015 Annual Report cover. Illustration by Sandra Dionisi.

UCLA Chemistry & Biochemistry Annual Report