Project Description

Climate Change Connected
Photography by Ann Johansson

Conceptualized and designed a campaign to bring attention to Ann Johansson’s groundbreaking project.

We set out to design a simple but effective campaign to promote Ann’s photographs depicting climate change. Her goal with this series was to make climate change relatable by visually connecting causes, effects and impacts globally. Our concept was to do a series of mailings that would become an interactive puzzle. First we designed a poster which was divided into the 3 main categories. Each category was further divided into 3 numbers. The first mailing was the poster along with 3 postcards, each postcard fit into a specific category. The second and third mailing each had 3 postcards as well which when put on the poster, gave a picture of 3 main causes, effects and impacts of climate change. We offered anyone who completed the “puzzle” a limited edition print by Ann Johansson.